Unveiling Blindspots: Essential Ways for Writers to Cultivate Self-Awareness and Influence

Harnessing the power of self-awareness is paramount for writers, as their words possess the ability to influence and impact readers. By delving into their blindspots, writers can better understand themselves, their purpose, and their potential to bring value and create positive change in the world. This article explores the significance of self-awareness for writers and provides five essential strategies to develop self-awareness and enhance their ability to influence readers effectively.

Embracing Humility: Unlocking the Power of Listening and Feedback

To foster self-awareness, writers must humble themselves and create an environment where they invite feedback from trusted sources. By actively listening to others and valuing their perspectives, writers can gain insights into their blindspots and uncover areas for growth.

Unveiling Blindspots: The Power of Asking Deep Questions

Challenging assumptions and questioning one’s own perspectives is crucial to revealing blindspots. Writers need to ask themselves thought-provoking questions that prompt introspection, enabling them to identify areas where they may be lacking clarity or understanding.

Breaking Down Barriers: Overcoming Defensiveness and Justifications

Writers must let go of defensiveness and excuses that hinder their growth. By removing barriers and embracing vulnerability, they can openly explore their blindspots and be receptive to constructive criticism, allowing for personal and professional development.

Seeking Diverse Perspectives: Expanding Horizons and Cultivating Empathy

Developing self-awareness involves seeking diverse perspectives from individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. Writers should actively engage with others, gathering a range of viewpoints to expand their understanding and foster empathy, enabling them to connect with readers on a deeper level.

Adapting and Growing: Taking Action and Embracing Fulfillment

To foster self-awareness, writers must continually adapt and adjust their beliefs, behaviors, and approaches. By recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, writers can take purposeful action steps towards growth, realizing their full potential and ultimately living a fulfilling life aligned with their purpose.

In the realm of writing, self-awareness is an essential skill for influencing readers and effecting positive change. By understanding their blindspots, writers can overcome insecurities, enhance their craft, and unlock their true potential. Cultivating self-awareness allows writers to connect authentically with their readers, empowering them to lead and inspire, ultimately transforming lives and the world through the power of words.


Book Review: Finding Me by Viola Davis


Viola Davis’s memoir, Finding Me, is a powerful story of self-discovery and transformation. Just like Jeannette Walls, the author of The Glass Castle, Davis begins her story with a description of horrific childhood memories. The memoirs’ raw details of the dysfunction present in these authors’ families evokes strong emotions of grief, anger, sadness, and pain. These stories highlight the impact of alcoholism, poverty, abuse, self-loathing, and mental illness on their lives, as well as the need for resilience and strength to overcome these challenges. Both stories highlight the importance of family, mentorship, and support in one’s journey toward success and well-being.

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2023 Women’s History Month – Honoring Claudette Colvin

I always tell young people to hold on to their dreams. And sometimes you have to stand up for what you think is right even if you have to stand alone.

Claudette Colvin

I was at a poetry festival and one of the poets said she would like to have lunch with Claudette Colvin, the woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus 9 months before Rosa Parks, the known civil rights activist, did the same. I researched this woman and decided to honor her for Women’s History Month.

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FINISH STRONG…  Fourth Quarter

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The John Maxwell Leadership Team says, “Average People Coast Through Year End… But Achievers Make High-Impact and Take Action…”

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