Forgiveness Is Required

Does someone need your forgiveness? Alternatively, worse, do you need to forgive yourself of anything?

     Forgiveness is a painful mountain, which most of us resist trying to move, the deed is often too ugly and sometimes it feels almost impossible to forgive. However, those who learn to forgive reap many joyous benefits.

     We must recognize that to forgive is to be free in order to empower ourselves.  In watching a Hallmark movie the other night, I was reminded of how stupid it is to hold onto resentment.  The actress, Betty White, believed that holding resentment would insure her from other people’s hurtfulness. There’s a price we pay for holding resentment and contempt for others in our heart. The lunacy in this thinking made her separate from the brother. She never became acquainted with her sister-in law, or niece.  In fact, her resentment was so great that the two families didn’t blend until 30 years later, when both spouses had deceased.

      At times, we confuse forgiveness with love and trust.  We must learn to forgive but we don’t have to trust that person again until they give us a reason so we can essentially show love to the person, yet not necessarily like them.

     There is no benefit to not forgiving someone who has wronged you; the animosity stored up in your heart against them will eventually destroy you.  Forgiveness is a reward in and of itself, for the benefits reaped from forgiving also fulfills the requirements for a fruitful, productive, life of self-actualization.

5 thoughts on “Forgiveness Is Required

  1. I love what you have to say about forgiveness. Too often I hold onto hurts because I don’t want to trust that person again–but as you point out, there is a huge difference between forgiveness and trust.

  2. Very good article. Forgiveness is very hard. You say there is a difference between forgiveness, trust and love. How do you know if you truely forgave a person if you dont trust them anymore.

    • thank you for visiting my blog. To begin, you forgive for yourself. Forgiveness is removing the emotional block.

      Kenya asks a good question.

      How do you know if you truely forgave a person if you don’t trust them any more?

  3. Forgiveness is for the forgiver just as much as it is for the forgiven. One cannot be free to live unobstructed by chains of resentment or fear unless one forgives. Forgiveness releases from the burdened state of judgment placed upon someone else for wrong doing. If I were the supreme divine entity governing all things then maybe I would have the prerogative to judge and feel justified in doing so. I am only human, so when I forgive I am able to move on from the ties of the event or life situation which has been keeping me upset. Of course the job of forgiveness comes in varying depths and degrees depending on the harm done. Often it is a process rather than an event. In order to heal and move on you must forgive. There is much to be said on this principle.

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