Book Review: Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim Grover


Relentless by Tim Grover can be summed up in one word: instincts. Grover is an athlete/trainer who has taken skilled and talented athletes and pushed them beyond the levels they could imagine. Grover strengthened their bodies and increased their mental tenacity for dominance.

Grover encourages his clients to follow their instincts and be fearless, courageous, and unstoppable—always believing in their limitless possibilities. He tells us that instincts guide them to make the right decisions at the right time, resulting in victory.

Grover’s insights and leadership have helped Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. These NBA players, coached by Grover, reconnected with their instincts and became triumphant again and again. He trained them to unblock their hunger and drive to win and this propelled them to be excellent players winning multiple championships.

As an athletic trainer, he says anyone can connect to their instincts and achieve mastery of their life.

Read Relentless when you are ready to trust your gut, let your instincts be your guide, and go beyond the possibilities to achieve the seemingly impossible and countless victories.

Tim S. Grover, CEO of Attack Athletics, travels the world speaking, consulting, and training the best athletes to be even better. He also offers his principles of mental toughness and dominance to coaches and business leaders.

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Touch With Caution: Angels in Action A Reader’s Chapter Reflection

Touch with Caution: Angels in Action (Chapter reflection by Grant Jape)

     As I read this chapter, I couldn’t help but think about what Andy has gone through in his

life. There must have been something in his past experiences that required the attention of a

female in order for him to cope with life. Perhaps, he has never felt that motherly love before,

which can explain the monstrous outrage he committed. However, he also seemed like a boy

that understood his strength. He knew his situation, especially when he saw that he was short

of his allowance due to his bad behavior. He took advantage of this opportunity to intimidate

and express his feelings, knowing there was nothing you can do.

     I feel for children of this manner. A process in their upbringing made them who they are,

and it is not entirely their fault. However, one must always take responsibility for their actions

and that is something that can be explained, but it is a trait that requires self-discipline

and understanding on one’s own heart.

     These types of stories only want to make me love my siblings and future children even

more. I want to cherish them and make sure they are raised with respect and understanding. I

want them to feel sadness and anger, but more importantly I want them to know the tools in

how to fight against such feelings. It shapes them and helps them create an identity.

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Do Angels Exist?



Do Angels exist? Are Angels real? Here is the proof. This intimate book, Angels in Action, looks into the many accounts of angel encounters; of Angels showing their face and giving their voice to helping an ordinary person in her time of need; real stories told by Diane Williams, author, was saved by her Angels; sagas of divine intervention in times of crisis; of Angels saving Williams just going about her everyday life.

Please tell us about your “Angel in Action”

Christmas Angels in Action Sweepstakes and Fundraiser


Christmas is a time of joy, good cheer, and giving. Sometimes, the most unexpected gifts come from angels on earth. Once, God sent an unlikely Christmas Angel to make “peace on earth” a reality in my life.

My mind was occupied by what was apparently an impossible task— to somehow find enough money to purchase two brand-new bicycles. Perhaps, I thought to myself, next month I can pay only half of the rent.

So, I did the only thing I could do. I knelt near the fichus tree, visualizing two brand-new bicycles. I imagined my girls squealing with delight as they saw their wondrous Christmas presents.

There was only one more option, so I dropped to my knees again and began to pray: “Father, you said in your word, Matthew 7:7, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ I’m asking. Please, Lord.”

A week passed. Though I prayed every day, God didn’t seem to reply. Oh well, I thought, we’ll just have to have a Christmas without gifts this year. The girls will understand.

It was six o’clock in the morning and I was getting ready to go to work when the phone rang.

“Mrs. Williams?” a voice said. “It’s Matthew.” Oh no! My landlord. I shivered a bit. It’s as if he was reading my mind. “Listen,” he said. I pressed the phone closer to my ear and heard paper shredding. “That is the sound of your December rent check.”

My mouth dropped open.

Matthew said, “My wife and I decided we didn’t need the money and wanted to give your family a gift. We couldn’t decide on what you might like, so we decided to tear up the check. The rent’s on us this month. Merry Christmas!”

That’s my Christmas Angel story. But now, we want to hear yours.

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By sharing your story, you also help spread hope, faith, and love to others. My goal is to fill the Internet with these messages of joy, and I would like nothing better than to see us united under the common desire to see “peace on Earth, good will toward men.”


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Forgiveness Defeats Hate

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”–Mahatma Gandhi


My husband was chronically allergic to responsibility, coming into our lives when we were thriving, then abandoning us when we needed him the most. I wanted desperately to believe he could change, and so did my girls, but after a while, we accepted the fact that he would always be allergic to responsibility and that was who he was.

I still remember the time when my daughter, Jasmine, searched the house and looked out the window in vain for a sign of her daddy or his car. All she found was empty space, in the house and inside his car, parked in the carport—her dad was gone.

A while later, he stepped into our house, eager to reconcile, again. I knew little of the hidden fury Jazzy was harboring for her father. She was angry at him for abandoning us, for leaving her young hands to carry the burden of adulthood, and for never considering how it might make his children feel when he left.

Before I knew it, she was charging at him with a knife, chanting “I hate you! I hate you!”

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but I was greatly disturbed at what I had seen. I spoke to Jazzy gently about what happened.

“Jazzy, do you really hate your father?” I asked.

“I’m going to hate him until he decides to make amends to me,” she answered.

I confessed to her that I couldn’t say I knew exactly how she felt, but I did know this: Hate is the emotion that taints the spirit, destroys the body and robs the mind; all your power lands in the hands of the person you hate.

I told Jazzy that hate was like a boomerang. You think you’re throwing it at a person, but it comes right back and hits you instead. It makes you destroy yourself from the inside out. It steals your joy and it never benefits you.

I concluded my story, telling Jazzy, “Forgiveness is the key to alleviate hate and the key to you producing a life of abundance.”

Hate is a strong emotion, but forgiveness is stronger—forgiveness defeats hate.

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Five Keys to Access Your Assets

Do you achieve the goals that you set out to achieve? Take some personal inventory. What are your beliefs, and what are you thinking about all day? What we pay attention to is what flourishes in our lives. If what you are receiving is not what you want in your life, it is time to make a change. Become acquainted with yourself and take ownership of your life. Change your future and your circumstances. Ignite your fire within and gain access to the tools to change your life; thoughts and beliefs are what help you to achieve the manifestation of success, good health, wellbeing, joy, peace of mind, and experience miracles. Here are five keys to access your assets and manifest your desires:

  • Meditation is the key to connect the mind to the soul.
  • Visualization is the key to activate the video within your minds’ eye; view your desire in vivid images.
  • Prayer is the key to communicate; build a relationship with your Creator.
  • Intuition is the key to your inner whisper: a feeling, a hunch or an instinct.
  • Affirmation is the key that confirms that your goal is achievable.

I invite you to share how you will incorporate these five keys into your daily life to achieve your desires.

At Your Service



“For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13 (check NIV).

I always had a deep desire to be of service. In church, I was introduced to a prayer group. I joined immediately. The group taught me how to pray and gave me many opportunities to pray for others. We prayed for each other, and I soon learned, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 NIV. I then decided that prayer would become my ministry. Thus, I wanted to delve deeper into the ministry of prayer. I found a mentor and fervently studied prayer. After years of practice, I joined the Guideposts Prayer Ministry, to be of service.


       “PLEASE HELP ME,” pleaded the caller. “I can’t take it anymore.”

Her voice was breaking up. I listened intently. She told me her name was Mary. She was in her early fifties, worked as a home health provider, but was unable to work because of a job-related leg injury.

Mary spoke rapidly, “I’m so full of despair that I decided to dial the Guideposts Prayer Line.”

“I’m glad you did, Mary. How may I pray for you today?”

“My temporary disability payments are less than half of my regular pay, and this leaves me without enough money to pay my bills. I have been juggling my good faith payments on my overdue bills, but I am not able to keep them up. In addition, the week before I was to report to work, I hurt myself again.”

“While waiting for another claim to be processed, my funds were exhausted. My creditors were threatening to cut off my utilities. I had almost accepted the possibility of living without these essentials.”

Mary went on to tell me that the notice placed on her door made her even more desperate. She said she broke down and cried as she read the flier. The apartment building in which she had lived for more than thirty years was no longer going to be rent controlled. It was going co-op.

I silently thanked God for giving me her call. In my professional career as a social worker, I had heard this problem hundreds of times. I knew how to help her. I yearned to give Mary the information I had at my fingertips, but there was something stopping me.

It was the Guidepost Prayer Ministry guidelines.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that I was a prayer intercessor and that it was my job to pray to the Lord on the caller’s behalf. No advice whatsoever was to be given—that was God’s job. Therefore, I prayed and went on to my next caller.

Week after week, Mary called, sounding progressively more defeated. It was becoming more difficult to decipher her words through her sobs. My heart ached for her.

By the time the seventh week rolled around, I had made up my mind that I was going to give her some advice—after all, hadn’t I worked as a social worker for fifteen years?

However, the words I had read in the Guidepost guidelines—“We are not a counseling line”—played themselves repeatedly in my mind. I put my decision on pause and prayed for myself, but the urge to intervene grew even stronger….

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