Have you ever given away something, “just because?”

Unselfishly giving away something of value will teach you new lessons about yourself as well as make your joy complete.

Dr. Vivian Stringer, Head Women’s Basketball coach at Rutgers University, went to recruit a specific young lady for her team.  Stringer watched the young woman run herself ragged playing the game.  As soon as the final buzzer sounded ended, coaches from other schools approached the prospective athlete immediately.  Stringer too approached the young dynamo about recruitment but she hesitated and decided against talking of basketball at that time as this young lady appeared tired, dirty and wanted to shower and change. Stringer, as a good coach, put the player’s needs above her own and gave the tired athlete her business card instead. The look on the girl’s face was that of warmth, a welling of joy bursting from inside. In being rewarded with a smile for her unselfish act, Dr. Stringer also felt the joy. She too had a smile on her face.

Ms. Christian, an English professor, was standing in line at the check-out counter at Toys ‘R’ Us during the Christmas season. The customer in line, in front of her, didn’t have enough money to purchase all the items she had stacked in her shopping cart. The distraught customer’s small daughter was crying and protesting because she wanted all the toys in the basket.  The little girl’s mother tried best to explain to her why she couldn’t have all the toys when Ms. Christian interrupted with a cheerful, “Merry Christmas.”  She paid for the entire purchase.  One can only imagine the joy that the little girl expressed. In an instant you can give something away that will brighten someone’s moment, and in that very same instant the emotional return you receive from the recipient will color your day with enough sunshine to bronze over a thousand summer fields at sunset, and in that warm wash of light you’ll understand why it truly is good to give.

You may not be a celebrity or have money to give away, but don’t allow those things to stop you from giving what you can. Even if all you can manage is a compliment, a few simple words of praise, a pat on the back of appreciation, or just a simple smile – it can make someone’s day.  Make it habit to spread happiness to all those around you, “for good is always repaid in good.”

I would love to hear what you give away, “Just Because.”

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