Book Summary: The Invisible Child

Who am I?

I do the dishes and all of the household chores, but I am not a housekeeper.

 Who am I?

I do the meal planning and preparation, but I am not a chef.

 Who am I?

I do the banking and the budgeting, but I am not an accountant.

 Who am I?

I facilitate another’s personal grooming and hygiene, but I am not, in fact, a home health aide.

 Who am I…?

I am the invisible child…

The Invisible Child tells Williams’ story; however, even more so it is written to bring awareness to this underserved population: families who are currently hiding within the walls of an emotional avalanche in their pathology and insidious beliefs. The world doesn’t see them because they are hidden behind the walls of their homes.

The Williams family organized ANGELWORKS: a non-profit resource center providing research, education, and referrals for services such as tutoring, psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, empowerment groups for young caregivers and for parents, a speakers table, scholarship funds, and a respite fund for recreational activity. Angelworks, Inc., an anchor, exists to effect change in families with children caregivers.

After reading Williams’ story, I hope you can join us in building Angelworks. If you or anyone you know is living in a medically comprised situation and their minor children have been thrust into the role of caregivers. Please leave a comment.

One thought on “Book Summary: The Invisible Child

  1. My dearest friend , so admire your tenacity faith and will of God so proud of your life journey. Such a valuable and needed service often neglected, you were truly Blessed to have the fortitude to navigate and survive whatever obstacles were put in your way and still able to raise to beautiful successful and educated daughters , my continual prayers my dear love alway’s Pat Knight  

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