Pursuing Victory We want a Victory. When

Pursuing Victory
We want a Victory. When striving in a struggle against difficulty it is easy to give up or give in, and there will be plenty of naysayers to support you in acclimating to defeat.
Yet your yearning to accomplish your dream is threatening to make this your last desire. But your inner winner nags you to bring home the Victory. It persists, consistently challenging you to stretch yourself, be brave, be courageous and be strong. You have what it takes to combat and defeat the turbulence that usurps your power on your path to Victory.     
Make no mistake, turbulence will visit in the making of your Victory. This is the price we pay in advance. In spite of the turbulence, we must stay steadfast, believing that, we are not victims of adversity — We are Victorious.
9 Things Victorious People Have in Common:
1. The deep-seated desire to Win.
2. A belief that the Impossible can be Possible.
3. They Pay the Price in advance—work .
4. Relentless work ethic — Persistence — Never give up.
5. Early to Rise.
6. Focus on Solutions.
7. Responsible for their Actions and Outcomes.
8. A gift for viewing Problems as Opportunities.
9. Neutralizing both the Complainer and Blamer. http://ow.ly/i/B9ccj

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