Touch with Caution “Mrs. Brooks, don’t t

Touch with Caution
“Mrs. Brooks, don’t touch me. You cheated on me!” Startled, I took a step back and stared directly at Andy. He went on, in a trembling voice, “I thought you liked me. I thought I was special to you. It was all a lie!”
I was a social worker in a facility for juvenile delinquents. One Friday afternoon, I fearfully watched one of our youngsters destroy my office. Almost immediately, the calming effect of prayer took over, and I realized that Andy was not a monster, but a young boy who had misconstrued Agape love for Eros love. Andy’s outburst made it clear that the staff and I needed to touch with caution.
Reflection: What is Agape love and how do you use it? Agape love is God’s unconditional love. When you’re employed in the helping field, and reaching out to a love-starved child, workers would be more efficient once Agape love is clearly defined, and boundaries are set.


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