The Muscle of Persistent Prayer: Mary ca

The Muscle of Persistent Prayer:
Mary called the prayer line. Her voice was breaking up, and she spoke rapidly, “Please help me,” she pleaded. “I can’t take it anymore.” The first time Mary phoned in, I silently thanked God for giving me her call.
In my professional career as a social worker, I had heard this hundreds of times. Mary hurt her leg on the job and was collecting disability checks. Through the healing process, she re-injured her leg and while waiting for the disability extension, her funds dried up, leaving her destitute.
I knew how to help her. I yearned to give Mary the information I had at my fingertips, but there was something stopping me. It was the Guidepost Prayer Ministry guidelines. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I was a prayer intercessor and that it was my job to pray to the Lord on the caller’s behalf. No advice whatsoever was to be given—that was God’s job.

I was a prayer counselor for a few months and a social worker for 15 years. The constraints I experienced during her repeated calls of despair? I desperately wanted to impart my social work knowledge, yet I had to stay with my commitment; so I put away my experience and realistic knowledge, humbled myself and waited on the solution from the universe.

Reflection: Practice humility. When you make a commitment, you must stick to your commitment regardless of your experience. God takes care of his children—even if you think you have the answers, He knows best. I learned that God didn’t need my help regardless of my credentials and/or knowledge.


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