Touch With Caution: Angels in Action A Reader’s Chapter Reflection

Touch with Caution: Angels in Action (Chapter reflection by Grant Jape)

     As I read this chapter, I couldn’t help but think about what Andy has gone through in his

life. There must have been something in his past experiences that required the attention of a

female in order for him to cope with life. Perhaps, he has never felt that motherly love before,

which can explain the monstrous outrage he committed. However, he also seemed like a boy

that understood his strength. He knew his situation, especially when he saw that he was short

of his allowance due to his bad behavior. He took advantage of this opportunity to intimidate

and express his feelings, knowing there was nothing you can do.

     I feel for children of this manner. A process in their upbringing made them who they are,

and it is not entirely their fault. However, one must always take responsibility for their actions

and that is something that can be explained, but it is a trait that requires self-discipline

and understanding on one’s own heart.

     These types of stories only want to make me love my siblings and future children even

more. I want to cherish them and make sure they are raised with respect and understanding. I

want them to feel sadness and anger, but more importantly I want them to know the tools in

how to fight against such feelings. It shapes them and helps them create an identity.

I would love to hear your reaction!



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