2016… SET BIG GOALS: Eight Things You Need to Know about Goals


Now It Begins author, Gary Markwick , says,We all have self power, and now is the time to use it, as great changes are now happening within a new vibration shift, raising our levels of consciousness to a higher frequency of awareness and understanding.”

It is now 2016. What are your ambitions for this year? Goals help us conceptualize our purpose for existing and, by extension, establish a connection between the person and the life they live. How involved are you in your life? Here are eight concepts that have the ability to change fleeting desires into life-changing opportunities.

  • Goals transform emotional, mental, and physical needs into life affirming behavior

Goals have many important benefits; they prepare us mentally and emotionally to act out our commitments. They help us express confidence in our ability to achieve our needs. A goal setter affirms that they are in control of their life and they are responsible for making things happen. When an individual takes charge of their life, they project a positive self-image. By committing yourself to a goal and working to achieve it, you are expressing that you see yourself as a person worth fighting for and you are actively pursuing a life you value.

  • Goals provide a focus for our energy.

Goals are tools to focus our energy in positive areas. They can be changed, dropped, added, and prioritized in any given way. We need help establishing priorities. It is important for us to be involved in and committed to worthwhile objectives, mainly because striving to meet these goals gives meaning to life. When setting goals, don’t focus entirely on the “how.” Instead, know that the same spirit that gave you the desire will fulfill the desire.

  • We are responsible for understanding our needs and setting reasonable goals to meet them.

Goals are simple statements of what you perceive your present needs to be. When you understand your needs, you become a victor instead of a victim. When writing goals, think of what it is you want; take into consideration every facet of personhood. People are made for so much more than superficial commodities. Understand that you are a mental, physical, and spiritual being, and also understand that each of these components require attention and care.  In becoming aware of this, include goals that address personal growth, health, relationship, vocation, material needs and any other needs that may be unique to you personally.

  • Make your goals specific and concrete.

Create a clear picture of your intentions. In other words, pursue an understanding of why you want the things you strive for. Once you have established your intentions, keep them private to prevent them from being weakened by the seemingly inevitable negativity around us. By doing so, you can stay focused and set goals to help change your intentions into action. If your goal is something easily measured, like financial gain, be specific. Are you going to ask for a raise, get a part time job, distribute your resume, or invest in stock? Additionally, give yourself a realistic time-table. Be generous when making your time table, but also make it short enough that it requires you to start as soon as possible.

  • Make your goals measurable.

Remember, goals need to be measurable so you can be aware of when they are met. You need to state specific, measurable goals and make explicit how much you want to accomplish the goal in order to feel that your goal is being met. State clearly and concisely what it is you want. If your goal is something easily measured in numbers, state one clear numerical goal. If your goal is less material, make sure there is a clear and understandable end in mind.

  • Be realistic when making goals.

The more realistic you are the more successful you will be. Make goals that align with your abilities and available power. Don’t make a goal that is out of your control or that has to be given to you. Make the goal something that you have the power to accomplish for yourself. Making your goals attainable can be the difference between a good intention and a real action.

  • Set different types of goals.

Perhaps set three goals to achieve in three months, three goals to achieve in six months, and three goals to achieve in one year. It’s imperative to set a few easier, short-term goals so you can know a bit of immediate gratification and gain early encouragement to continue.  Long-term goals express objectives that typically take more time, energy and resources to achieve. Break down long-term goals into manageable steps. For instance, if your long-term goal is to plan a vacation, list what steps of action will be included. They could be things like setting up a vacation fund, getting brochures, doing online research, speaking to people who have been to different locations, choosing a destination, choosing a hotel, choosing activities, etc.

  • Dare to dream.

The more obscure, interesting or personal your goal, the more exciting and satisfying the process will be. Most people live exceptionally conventional lives. Believe me when I say, you do not want to be one of these people. Don’t be afraid to dream, but be careful when talking with others about your dreams and goals. Remember, you do not want to take on the dreams of others for yourself. The dreams that come about naturally are the ones that will always be closest to your heart.

If you want support writing, planning or being held accountable with your goals, contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Happy Goal Setting and Achieving in 2016.






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