Christmas Angels in Action Sweepstakes and Fundraiser


Christmas is a time of joy, good cheer, and giving. Sometimes, the most unexpected gifts come from angels on earth. Once, God sent an unlikely Christmas Angel to make “peace on earth” a reality in my life.

My mind was occupied by what was apparently an impossible task— to somehow find enough money to purchase two brand-new bicycles. Perhaps, I thought to myself, next month I can pay only half of the rent.

So, I did the only thing I could do. I knelt near the fichus tree, visualizing two brand-new bicycles. I imagined my girls squealing with delight as they saw their wondrous Christmas presents.

There was only one more option, so I dropped to my knees again and began to pray: “Father, you said in your word, Matthew 7:7, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ I’m asking. Please, Lord.”

A week passed. Though I prayed every day, God didn’t seem to reply. Oh well, I thought, we’ll just have to have a Christmas without gifts this year. The girls will understand.

It was six o’clock in the morning and I was getting ready to go to work when the phone rang.

“Mrs. Williams?” a voice said. “It’s Matthew.” Oh no! My landlord. I shivered a bit. It’s as if he was reading my mind. “Listen,” he said. I pressed the phone closer to my ear and heard paper shredding. “That is the sound of your December rent check.”

My mouth dropped open.

Matthew said, “My wife and I decided we didn’t need the money and wanted to give your family a gift. We couldn’t decide on what you might like, so we decided to tear up the check. The rent’s on us this month. Merry Christmas!”

That’s my Christmas Angel story. But now, we want to hear yours.

Sweepstakes and Fundraiser

By replying to this post with your own Christmas Angel story, either in the comment section below, or on Twitter, using the hashtag #christmasangelsinaction, you will be entered into the Christmas Angels in Action Sweepstakes.

Also, by entering the sweepstakes through either of these actions, you will get a 10% discount for my book, Angels in Action, on the Createspace eStore. For every book sold, I will donate 1 dollar to the Arthritis Foundation.

By sharing your story, you also help spread hope, faith, and love to others. My goal is to fill the Internet with these messages of joy, and I would like nothing better than to see us united under the common desire to see “peace on Earth, good will toward men.”


The prize for the sweepstakes will be a $25 Amazon gift card.

Dates and Duration

Take this opportunity to spread some joy and win a prize, starting on December 1st.

Don’t miss out!

This offer only lasts until December 28th.

Relevant Links

Confirm sweepstakes entry at this link:

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