Take Your Power…Overcome Adversity

Are you in the market for reading some life-changing books on Overcoming Adversity?

Three of the best books I read this year and would like to encourage you to read are:

  1. The Phoenix: Rising From The Ashes, author Dian Griffin Jackson, opens the curtains at her windows, and she opens her front and back doors to her home and invites you inside to witness her Victory with domestic violence.
  1. 4 Wedding and a Funeral: Resilience in a Time of Grief, is a love story of a woman who had it all for many years: the career, the husband, the child, the close relationships with friends and relatives…and one day the script flipped. Author Jill Smolowe sat listening to her husband’s oncologist giving him a diagnosis of cancer with a gruesome prognosis: incurable. Her love story intensified as she found VICTORY in her new life as her husband’s caregiver.
  1. Not A Game: The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson, author Kent Babb, outlines basketball superstar Allen Iverson, rise to VICTORY, and depicts his fall in the NBA. However, through it all Babb describes Iverson becoming acquainted with himself as the “person,” on his journey towards self-awareness.

Please, share with us some of your best books or your personal stories on Overcoming Adversity.




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