TODAY,,,7 Reasons to Tune to “Raising Vibrations blogtalkradio Show…

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7 Reasons to tune into Raising Vibrations blogtalkradio Show… IODAY

Meet the Reverend Raven, a psychic muse, and life transition mentor. She is also a messenger between the higher self and the sub consciousness of oneself. She brings light into a dark situation. She has encouraged change not only for an inward introspection of one’s self-but for the planet as well. She brings a light to people to face their fears and to radiate from a loving space.


Today Host Reverend Raven will do:

  • Gratitude
  • A course in miracles
  • Interview me, Diane Williams: author of Angels in Action, freelance writer, speaker and spiritual coach.

We humans are all made of energy that enlightens, empowers, and imparts awareness to our beings. Today Rev, Raven and Diane Williams will discuss a few techniques to raise your energy, and your personal level of vibration.

Here are 7 reasons to raise your vibrations:

  • Raise your vibrations to connect with your inner winner for deeper insight, awareness and intuition.
  • Raise your vibration for identify, acknowledge, and to live your calling.
  • Raise your vibration to accept those things, people, and situations you cannot change.
  • Raise your vibration to release thoughts, behavior, people, situations and things, that which no longer serves you
  • Raise your vibration to manifest that which you need
  • Raise your vibration to participate in unconditional love.
  • Raise your vibration to improve your health and well –being.

Problems are universal, we all have one. Success is also universal, and we all can be successful.

You are invited to join me on “Raising Vibrations Radio Show,  where “everyone is vibration”with host, Rev. Raven. She brings a light to people to face their fears and to radiate from a loving space. 

When: October 29, 2015 At 5-6 pm PST

Topic: Turning Problems Into Opportunities…

Tune in at:

Join me, I promise you will not be disappointed.

As always, I would love to hear your comments.




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