Sister Love is revealed…

Sisters are special and moments of receiving expressing of love from your sister is phenomenal.  

I hope these lovely words from my sister prompts you to spread the love to your sisters…

“When I think of special moments in my childhood”

When I think of special moments in my childhood

I think of you and me

When I think of the times my mind is cluttered

I think of your clarity

You are my eldest sister whom I will always love

We may not see eye to eye all the time

But I know your love is genuine

We both know that’s no crime

You told me I can have the finer things in life

You took me to amusement parks

You took me to museums

You drove me around in your old car

Like I was a super star

You always believed in striving for more

So I will know that there was always an open door

Open For opportunity

Open for freedom

Open to move forward

Open for improvement

You were always so positive

And you still are

As a matter of fact you

Are my superstar

Thank you sister for all you have done

You are a true inspiration.

I welcome your comments and I hope you express, ” love” with your sister today and everyday.



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