I encourage you to share your experiences with this month’s REFLECTION IN ACTION challenge, ACCEPTANCE! Voting for the winning story will take place on July 31, 2015. The WINNER will be announced  the first week of August, 2015.
July’s reflection is: “Go within and ACCEPT YOURSELF…therein lies your power. To accept yourself is to honor God. He made us for his purpose.”
I can’t wait to hear your stories of ACCEPTANCE!

One thought on “July’s REFLECTION IN ACTION challenge…ACCEPTANCE

  1. I have had the most difficult sale this month. Some Sellers/Buyers proclaim the are both novice and experts when it comes to a Real Estate transaction. We all have challenges and buying or selling a home is a bittersweet experience. That’s my newest term… Bittersweet. My Seller a psychologist perhaps unknowingly thrived at the thought of analyzing the situation until finally she recognized she had no control. I was to the point I dreaded calling her to give updates because of the response I may receive. Towards the end I remembered what a smart person shared with me. She said lovingly you must advise your clients of the good, bad and ugly. Once I did that a difficult client turned into a pussycat and I was able to hand her a check in access of $120k… The proceeds from the sale of her home which sold in less than 60 days. This woman was working under the stress of a divorce which wasn’t final and the recent (less than 6 months) passing of her first born child. Selling Real Estate is not only about getting the height price in the shortest amount of time…it’s also about understanding an appeasing your clients needs.

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