Angels in Action- Reflection Challenge!



Join the Angels in Action Reflection Challenge!

Each month, I will be posting a new reflection from my book, Angels in Action, with a challenge for my readers. As you go about your month, keep the challenge in mind and share with me the ways in which you have put it into action.

At the end of the month, followers will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite escapade, and the winner will receive a free surprise gift! In addition, I will post an excerpt of the story from Angels in Action that corresponds to that month’s reflection.

May’s reflection is: “Go within and SERVE… therein lies your power. Be of service in the position God has appointed you. He is omniscient and omnipotent and you are His vehicle. Recognize your knowledge, recognize your skill. Discern when to use your abilities or tap into His.”

Get ready, get set, go!


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