Why are you Living?

Can you imagine asking someone for a glass of water, and if they refuse, you are left thirsty? Can you imagine asking someone to bathe you, and if they refuse, you are left foul smelling and unclean? Can you imagine asking someone for food and if they refuse, you are left hungry? Can you imagine asking someone for a ride, and they refuse, you are left isolated? I live with a disability, my arms and legs barely move, thus leaving me with a magnitudinous challenge everyday—dependency.

One day, a nurse visited me and told me, she would kill herself, if she were in my shoes. Another day, my younger sister told me that I’m a burden, and to top it off that same week my well-meaning friend of more than 30 years asked, “Why do you keep living?”

I have PURPOSE and the DETERMINATION to produce my VISION. Yes, I am alive I have work to do. Goals direct my life, therefore, every year I write down a list of goals I want to achieve, and the actions therefore needed for success. Warren Buffet once said “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.” In other words, we must work in order to be successful in life. Here are three surefire steps for success:

  • Make a commitment for success: Write down each goal and its corresponding benefits, and put them in a spot you visit frequently.
  • Identify and write down the actions needed to bring your goals to realization. Set timetables beside accountability checkpoints. Join a support partner or create a support group.
  • Visualize your list of benefits: make a vision board to empower your visualization.
  • Celebrate your accomplished goal; reward yourself.

Obstacles intrude into our lives eventually. I know some of you are experiencing obstacles, which may in their totality even dwarf my own; such obstacles come with the power to rob, steal, and destroy your hope yet we have been empowered to turn such obstacles into an adventure to keep life exciting and worth living for!

What keeps you living?

Mind of the Goddess


5 thoughts on “Why are you Living?

  1. What keeps me living? That is a very good question. I am not sure! Maybe it’s my children…nah Maybe it’s my job…nah To tell the truth I think there is a difference between living and existing. Living?? At this time in my life I feel I am existing. I am being swayed from side to side often feeling like a leaf in the wind, where ever the wind blows me to and I land this is where I will be. I am going through a transformation and soon I will be living again, I am like a flower bud blossoming into a beautiful yellow tulip. I grew up being very disconnected from myself, feeling unprotected, and needing approval from the wrong people, usually those who summed me up as being “bad”, “sexy”,”fun”. Often because I am in “survival mode” I often feel the lack of control over my own life. But I know I will one day, and this is why I keep living. Thanks for this question because I allowed me to reflect on myself which is often the last thing I do.

  2. Goals, obstacles, Living , existing, determination, committment and survival.
    These are some powerful words and your blog is a very powerful message. You are correct when you say you must work in order to be a success. Some people forget that from time to time. Maybe they are only looking in the dictonary (with blockers) and think success comes prior to work.
    Living?? Existing?? You have to exist prior to living. Some days you may feel unsuccessful and that you are only existing and not making a positive difference. However people can be very hard on themselves. I know at times I can forget all the good things that I have done and the many accomplishments that I have made. When I get caught up in my daily living sometimes I loose sight on what is really important. God, Family and Friends and of course taking care of myself is what is important in my life. However sometimes I let my goals get in my way of what is important. Really my goals should be in sync with what really is important and when they are not it creates chaios. Visualize your goals and be committed. This is very important for people to move forward in life. Reward yourself and do not let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goals.

  3. My Zion keeps me living. I have no choice but to be the best mother and wife. I struggle more and more each day to overcome my pain. I still have to get up and teach, play, dance, sing, cook, clean,etc. for my family. I know with all my being that my Lord keeps me going so that I might be able to continue doing these things without self-doubt. Usually one has 2 choices in their lives.. either deal with it and suck it up and handle your business…or lay down and quit let the devil keep you defeated.

    Me, personally will never give satan any glory. Yes we all get tired and feel beat down due to the challenges of the world. But thats all they are challenges and we can all overcome if we set our minds, bodies, and hearts into handling what we know God can help us do.

    Just remeber that God will not let you down nor leave you. We do the leaving and letting ourselves down. Now is the time that we have stand with our Lord to not just survive, but to live.


  4. You mentioned VISION near the end of your blog. I’ve been reading a book that mentions Vision. My desire to move beyond only “seeing” requires me to ask God to give me vision of the spiritual reality. This will enable me to see God differently, myself, others and every situation in a truly brighter and different light. Jesus said, He is the way, the truth and the Light. He is also a light unto our feet and a light unto our pathway. Because of your Vision you are able to “see” what some others can’t or won’t and that’s OK. Continue to walk on the path of Light.

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