Move That Mountain!

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Having trouble Moving that Mountain?

When travelling down life’s road we encounter mountains along the way.  At times life’s unexpected roadblocks can shatter your hopes, dreams and self-esteem. The mountains seem almost unbearable to climb, but don’t give up! Move that mountain!

Moving mountains  inflate the lifeless, surge victory into the hands of the victim, instill the hopeless dreamers with beautiful visions of the future, calm the joyless refugees, comfort the loveless wanderers, smile upon the faithless wishers,  guide the aimless wanders, awaken the dreamless panderers, and  add flavor and color to the Plane Jane vanilla ordinaries.


Please share with us, the keys you use to move your mountain….

Mountain movers quote


until next time,

bright blesssings,



2 thoughts on “Move That Mountain!

  1. I have one word, one name and that is Jesus. When things just don’t seem to b going my way, I call on my father in prayer, right then and there where I am. I know he will answer and I also know he is trying to tell me something. I also know his will be done on his time not mine.

    When I realized that I hurry to my knees, pray and let go. I have no control over anything. Humans beat them selves up worrying about treasures of this world. Measuring themselves according to their world accomplishments. When at the end of the day, on the day what matters is the Father saying “well done my good and faithful servant”.

    The Lord moves mountains, obstacles, replaces self esteem and offers us fruits of the spirit. Gal 5:23 love,peace,faith,self control, joy,happiness, hope,forgiveness,and one more…look it up. It’s already more blessings than I have room to receive.

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