Aim—at something, otherwise something will aim at you. There are nine basic areas to focus when setting life goals: financial, health, physical, spiritual, family, personal growth, social, recreational, business/professional career. It is vital that we keep all areas in balance, to achieve total well-being.

However, we cannot focus on all areas at the same time; simultaneously giving each area the time and effort needed respectively. At one point in your life you may find your social life’s barometer is dwindling, but your spiritual life’s barometer is superseding, if you are happy and still surging forward in life, then it’s okay; otherwise mixed barometer measurements may leave you out of balance.

Unfortunately, there are not areas in life that are on automatic pilot. We must navigate through all the difficult times in life while paying attention to our basic needs, and always aiming at something more and more ambitious.

Once you decide what you are aiming at it is time to move to the next step…mapping out your plan of action. Write it down, in measurable steps, where are you going and how long will it take you to get there.

It is important to be held accountable for enacting your plans. One surefire method to keep you on track is to form a mastermind team of people you can count on, not only does this group check your accountability, but it also serves as a supportive board. Your team questions you about your progress or lack of. In the process of reviewing your plan of action, it may be revealed that your plan may need to be altered or even completely eliminated depending on what has shown up in your life.

Your mastermind team strives to act as a mirror to reflect your actions; in other words, if the steps you take are moving you toward your goal…cheerio! On the other hand, if the steps are moving you away or are detouring from your destination, your team will navigate you back on course.

Indeed life brings setbacks at times, but your team supports and assists you in achieving your goals, in creative ways.

Intimate details are revealed during the mastermind sessions, making it imperative that the members are truly trustworthy, honest and committed to growth. I mention this because, these traits empower the brainstorming of the mastermind to move through the members in the group with unstoppable inertia. Be selective when joining or creating a group. Selecting a mastermind team is almost as important as choosing a life partner.

As you go through life, your team members go through it with you and you all share experiences. The mastermind group allows for the opportunity to give back, you do the same things for the members as they do for you, it’s one big, supportive, brainstorming, accountability exchange team.

Remember: goals direct your life, be consistent and persevere. While perusing your goals, if you encounter days when you feel like calling it quits, like let’s say for instance you don’t see anything progressing quickly, you’re tired, you’re frustrated, AND you get a setback…PUSH…keep pushing forward! Something wonderful is about to happen! Is your target financial, physical, social, spiritual, etc? Where are you aiming? Remind yourself of that goal and keep PUSHING!

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Aim higher


2 thoughts on “Aim

  1. Diane, I really enjoyed your writings. First one, Aim. I’ve finally been given some goals to work toward. It’s not easy. There are times when I want to give up because it seems futile. However, I keep truding along. Second one, Accounting for it all. I can relate to this when it comes to tithing. There are times I want to do something else with the money but the “quiet” voice says, do what you know is right. It all works out to my good.

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