Conquer…What is blocking your desires?

more than conquerors

You are moving in life, but you’re not going anywhere. What is blocking your movement? You’ve been saying that you want to increase your income, yet it remains the same. You want to lose weight, yet you see no change. You want to increase the quality of your relationships, yet it is as stagnant as ever. What is blocking you?

Challenges come to us all. Some are bigger than others. Some you can handle quickly and simply and others require a major lifestyle change of the mind, body and spirit. Conquering life’s challenges revitalizes the lifeless and surges victory into the hands of the victim.

Winning these battles can present the hopeless dreamers with beautiful visions of the future, calm the joyless refugees, comfort the loveless romantics, smile upon the faithless wishers, guide the aimless wanderers, awaken the dreamless ponders, and add flavor and color to the very ordinary life you don’t want.

We are here not to live easy lives, but to know the joy that comes with being a conqueror of challenges. I have seen my fair share of challenges, and I’m eager to start a fire in people’s hearts and encourage their awesome power of overcoming life’s obstacles.

I believe my gift of discernment, along with the coaching experience that I gained through 12 years of social work, qualifies me for the daunting task of daring people to address their challenges, live life fearlessly, and experience a life that’s balanced and fulfilled.

I invite you to  share you proven  solutions to your challenges.



One thought on “Conquer…What is blocking your desires?

  1. What a wonderful post. Challenges are apart of life and sometimes they take over my life. However this year I will conquer and defeat the challenges with a smile. Weight loss is a big challenge for me and balancing my life is another. So this year I plan on having more balance and find out what is blocking me from getting what. I want.

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