Joan Rivers: Motherhood before career


What most of us usually think about when we hear the name, “Joan Rivers” is the notoriously controversial character who was never afraid to speak her mind. What many of us may not realize is that Joan Rivers made sure to prioritize her relationship with her daughter, Melissa.

ABC News reported her saying once about her relationship with her daughter, “We had to go through the bad times, but we came out of them,” said Rivers. “Melissa is the one to whom I could give total affection and feel it being absorbed and returned.”

The bond between mother and daughter was not one-sided either. In fact, Melissa Rivers said in an interview with People magazine, “The thing I had and will always have is my mother. She was right there for me.”

All jokes aside, Joan made it a priority in her life to make sure that her daughter, Melissa, knew that she was loved dearly by her mother. Despite the controversies that surround the late Joan Rivers, one cannot deny that the relationship one craves for as a parent to their child is what Joan and Melissa had. That begins with how Joan approached their relationship, that her daughter’s happiness comes first.

What are some ways that you juggle your career and your family? Place your tips in the comments below.


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