Defying Adversity: Life is not fair. Life doesn’t always

Defying Adversity:

 Life is not fair. Life doesn’t always immediately answer our questions. Life happens and bad things happen to everybody. We witnessed this while watching NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant rant after his leg injury.

Bryant’s rant triggered some sparks. He said it was some bull. It wasn’t fair. He worked hard, and was committed, and blah blah.  It was all “I” “I” “I”.  How many times have we all ranted after feeling defeated and feeling powerless, until finally recognizing that, “ it is what it is.”

Kobe Bryant helps us see that suffering is not unique and no one is exempt. Kobe’s experience can be taken as a reminder to us that we all suffer at some point in our lives, but we are encouraged by knowing that suffering is universal, and there is a power greater than any suffering which nullifies it and brings us hope. We have access to a power greater than injury and disappointment. 

This is the same power that gave us life, determination, hard work, work ethic, and talent. This power source gives us comfort and assurance, no matter how bleak matters may seem. Go within and therein lies our power. So we pray for KB a complete and speedy recovery.


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