Why Is She Here?


I needed to hire a personal home care worker, and I really wanted her to enjoy outing, especially writing events so I posted an advertisement.  A young lady responded to my ad and we scheduled an interview.  At the interview we both agreed she was not the person for the job, however, she had a friend she thought would be interested.

Several weeks later her friend Amber called me and told me she was a personal health care provider, she had three jobs: one at the local university as an administrator’s assistant, another as home health care provider and a third as a receptionist at a real-estate office.  I was wondering why, if she had all these jobs, she would be interested in working for me.  She continued to talk and told me that she writes and has wanted to be a writer for years.  She believed that working with me would inspire her to write and that she can be my personal healthcare assistant as well.  She said she would call back to schedule an interview.  However, two months lapsed before I heard from her again.

She called and said she was having personal problems.  I listened to her story and she said she could no longer work for me but she still wanted to meet me.  I asked why. She said she didn’t know why but she knew she had to meet me.  I agreed to the meeting because she sounded so convincing, besides the person who suggested her was very nice.

We scheduled an interview. I was at the meeting wondering, “Why is she here?   Do I interview her for the job or what?”  She came in and said she just wanted to meet me and she told me about her desire to write. At the end of the session we both knew her purpose for meeting with me. We are compatible,  interesting and we shared and exchanged new ideas to write about.

Furthermore, we scheduled several events; she attended the writing events with me and she loved it, not only did she enjoy the knowledge but she loved the other writers. I now know why she is here.  she is now my personal assistant, and friend, who loves writing; and anxiously awaits to attend the next event with me.


Have you ever had a meeting with someone and wondered why are they here?




5 thoughts on “Why Is She Here?

  1. No, but I have had a meeting with someone recently and made a summation that they were just trying to gather information before they made a decision. Its tough in business when you need a sale and all you receive are people trying to gather information and then figure you are the information booth.

    I strongly believe it does work both ways. You may give one person information but you gather what you may need from another individual, in the end everyones needs are being met.

  2. I have met people who are truly intriqued with what you do or the perception… The initial contact may be a fact finding mission. However when the meeting turns into a friendship it is one that is ever lasting. The meeting of the minds can be a great place to explore!

  3. That is great, Diane! It’s always exhilarating to make a connection with a stranger. It makes me feel like we aren’t alone in this world and we aren’t so different. I’m glad you found such a rewarding and mutually beneficial new friendship. xox

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