Prescription For Change

Once you have received the prescription for change and it has changed the situation for you, stay with it forever.  In other words if the prescription is working, adopt it as a lifestyle change. For instance, at the tender age of 25, my health was failing to rheumatoid arthritis. It invaded my body, and took control of my joints, resulting in immobility; my feet were swollen to the size of bowling balls; I could barely walk.

I spent every day in excruciating pain, taking one medication after another. Although I tried, every medical treatment my doctors could come up with, nothing was working. My doctors told me that this daily pain was something that I would just have to learn to live with.

I became so desperate to be healed that I began to consider treatments that were a little off the radar. I heard about a place called Heal Thyself Nutrition Center, an alternative health care facility. I read up a little on it and something told me it was worth checking out. After all, I told myself, could they do any worse than my doctors had?

I made an appointment and drove to the place wondering what I was getting myself into. After filling out the preliminary paperwork with the receptionist, I was taken to the office of Ted the Hygienist, and I sat down opposite him.

Without any introductory chitchat, he began waving a long chain with a charm on it back and forth across my face.  He chanted softly, “Relax, relax, and relax.” Other than that, either of us spoke not a word.  I did my best to cooperate, but I must admit that what was going through my mind was, “This guy is a quack!” Still, I was desperate, so there I sat as Ted waved the charm before me and chanted, “Relax, relax, relax…”

I began to slip into something like a trance. In that tranquil state, I heard Ted’s gentle voice describing how my blood, colon, joints, cartilage, minerals, immune and digestive systems combined to produce disease in my imbalanced body.

“Your body can be put back in balance, but only you can do it,” he said softly, looking deep into my eyes. “Are you committed to being healed?”

“Diane, this is the prescription you will follow for the next 21 days,” he said. “First, make and drink raw fruit and vegetable juices.” As he spoke, I viewed the list of fresh juices—spinach, wheat grass and carrots, collard greens and carrots—each combination sounded more disgusting and inedible than the last.  I tried to refrain from frowning.

Ted continued the outline of my daily treatment routine. I was supposed to meditate for thirty minutes between 4 and 5 AM, and then drink a vile concoction of hot water, garlic, cayenne pepper and olive oil. Then I was to pray and read the Bible. And finally, I had to exercise, practice yoga and deep breathing.

Ted said, “It is each individual’s responsibility to access God’s healing power.

The prescription for change seemed completely unreasonable to me.  Nevertheless, I went home and began taking my new prescription. Approximately two years later, I was jumping off the bed as if I were sixteen years old again. I felt like a spring chicken. There was no ache, no pain, no swelling, no stiffness, and no fatigue. I was so happy I cried a river of joyful tears.

I practiced my prescription for twelve years and I was symptom free, and then one day I reverted back to my old habits, my old lifestyle, and the disease resurfaced with a vengeance, leaving me to be liberated by a wheelchair.

So what do you want to change? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be debt free? Do you want a college degree? Do you want a spouse?

No matter what the desire is the results are the same; you must be willing to change. Once you have accepted your prescription for change and it’s giving you the benefits you seek—use that prescription until you no longer want that desire.

Remember, if you want your accomplishment to last for a lifetime, continue using your prescription for change


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