Develop Success Habits

Three keys to develop success habits: set measurable goals with benefits, join a mastermind group, and “discover your inner winner.”

  • Set measurable goals with benefits: when setting a goal, remember goals solve problems; and you want to alleviate your problems in a timely manner.  State your goal and then have a time line about it for instance, I am a slow reader; whenever, I read I must stop to look up unfamiliar words. My goal is to increase my reading speed by 50 words per minute by July 14, 2011.  My benefit is to increase my reading speed, so I can read two books (250 pages) per month.
  • Mastermind Group: Now that you have set your goals and mapped out your plans, you are motivated.  Immediately, you begin to work your plans, but somewhere along the way, you become distracted and begin to drift.  It feels as if you are not going to make it; the work, the sacrifice, and the commitment are not enough.  Hold on, there is help; buckle down and re-evaluate the benefits for overcoming this problem; and decide whether this is what you really want.  If your answer is yes, create and or build a mastermind group. It will keep you motivated and focused, because the members will hold you accountable for the path you are on to the accomplishment of your success.
  • Discover your inner winner; it builds your self-esteem. I suggest you use meditation or some other technique to probe deep within you to make certain that you have mapped out reachable goals with benefits. Working from the inside out helps to strengthen your instincts and your inner life guide. As you achieve your goals, you trust yourself even more; and there is only one thing left to do—achieve another goal.

2 thoughts on “Develop Success Habits

  1. This is a great article on goals. Reading this helps people realize they need to get on track. Many people want to be successful, however don’t realize what it takes to get there. Every day life happens to everyone and sometimes obstacles stop us from getting to our goals. However we must remember what our goal is and obstacles only will make us stronger as we overcome them.

    Once again great article. I will recommend it to others.

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