Christmas Lights

Christmas is about sharing love, spreading goodwill, and bringing joy to all gods’ servants.  How can we let God’s light shine through us at Christmas time?

A few ways to let your light shine:

  1. Invite someone special to spend the holiday with you, go on the highways and byways and invite someone into your home- go into a senior citizen home or soup kitchen and help at least one person  out of darkness.

 One year a family decided to invite a 90-year-old man from a retirement center into their home for Christmas dinner. After arranging with the retirement home where he lived and working out the logistics of the transportation the family asked the elderly man if he had any special dietary needs. The family befriended the man.

 When the day finally came, and he arrived he had such a sparkle in his eye that he reputedly thanked the hosts who so graciously served him. His family lived far away and was unable to travel to see him, and due to health issues, he wasn’t able to travel himself. He explained that he could have spent the holiday at the retirement center but it was the first holiday in his 90 years that he wasn’t able to spend time with a family, so naturally he was a little depressed, but in being welcomed into a home for the holiday his world was opened up and he felt wanted and empowered. When he got back to the retirement facility, he wrote the family a beautiful thank you card.

      2. Christmas is a very special time of the year; lets’ take this opportunity to show our family and friends how special they are.

 A lady decided to do something different this Christmas. She decided to uplift each person, so she seated her family and friends in a circle and then instructed them to tell, in three minutes what you though why the person to the left of you was special to you.

 By the end of the evening, everyone had bonded in an extremely deep way. Being vulnerable and honest with one another allows walls to come crumbling down, throughout the night each member of the group was reminded that none of us are an island and the student need the teacher just as badly as the teacher needs the student. We are all servants to one another, and that experience proved to the host to be more powerful than she could ever have imagined. Emotional chords were struck as tears flowed free, people the host had never seen touch one another were giving each other bear hugs. This experience broke down barriers.

These are just two things we can do at Christmas time to let our light shine. The gifts the meal and the decorations are all great but the true meaning of Christmas is seeing god’s light shine through another human being.

How are letting your light shine this Christmas?


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