Are You Fired UP!



“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress,” says  President Barack Obama.


Are you fired-up?… And ready to Go?

What lifestyle change do you desire right now?  Do you think you deserve to see your dreams fulfilled? As you seek assistance, whether it be a book, person or a program, take heed and be conscious of the fact that these instruments are tools which allow for you to embark on your lifestyle change. Are you carful for what you wish for? Are your fantasies realistic enough to be planned out and carried through for your personal benefit?

Have you ever decided to change your lifestyle to benefit your health? Take for instance the case of a smoker of many years who wishes to quit. After attending a smoker’s cessation program for 3 months the new graduate is free of nicotine and the smoking stops. Then  two months later the ex-smoker lights up and gets addicted once more. Again, wishing to quit, the smoker attempts to cease their unhealthy habit only this time the urge to smoke is stronger, making it harder to stop. Why?

Living in America most of us felt the urge to want to lose some weight and perhaps you’ve felt this same urge, so, after exploring the many weight watchers program you enlist in one.  You diligently follow the program and shed the pounds. You begin looking fantastic, feeling well, as if years were poured back into your body; yet again after many years of weight loss, the pounds begin to mount, except this time it’s many more than before.  Again you resume your weight loss program but it’s a greater challenge; your weight gain has more than doubled the amount you lost…Why?

Perhaps, you are having trouble with your finances.  You are always broke and your creditors show up more frequently than the postal service. Luckily, you saw an advertisement on television which steered you to a debt management program.  “Great”, you think as your debt clears up in three years.  However, less than three months later your credit spirals out of control again,  except this time not only are your creditors calling you, but so are Mr. Electric, Mr. Gas, and Mr. Landlord…on a personal note, I was diagnosed with crippling rheumatoid arthritis; I found a nutrition program, and the disease went in remission for 12 years. I actually believed the disease had left my body, however, at the tender age of 38 the disease returned with a vengeance; I was liberated by a wheelchair…Why?

     “Whatever we want to change about ourselves requires a lifestyle change because life is a journey not a destination,” says Diane Williams, author of “The Measurement of Loyalty a Memoir.”

Change can only be instigated by addressing the root of the situation, very similar to apple trees in that if the apples are rotten, the gardener/farmer addresses the issue by fixing the fruit from the roots.  One may have to dig up the tree to discover what is hindering its growth.  Next it’s important to pay attention to the tree and continue to treat the roots in order to keep them healthy.

           Having a relationship with God, starting your own business, planting an apple tree, whatever your desire; no momentary program can change your situation forever.  All programs are intended to do is help you find and treat the roots by focusing on the base problems and issues you might face in order to make a lifestyle change.  Place your attention on the roots, the source of your dilemmas; pay attention to what you say you want because you’re going to get what you give your attention to, i.e. one reaps what one sows.  In quoting Harv Eker author, The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, “Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.”


One thought on “Are You Fired UP!

  1. If in debt prioritise them, priority such as mortgage or rent, non-priority such as loans/credit card repayments. All debts have to be repaid but those of priority have to come first. work on a budget, how much coming in and going out, can you make cutbacks?. Then consider steps to becoming debt free, an iva, consolidation loan or a debt management plan are all options to consider.

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