Destination to Success

Are you committed to a dream or goal? Senator Barrack Obama, the democratic candidate for President of the United States of America is. His commitment stems from the desire to go to the White House and serve as our next president. He rallies purpose, determination and motivation to expedite his way to becoming the 44th president of the United States.

Senator Obama along with his campaign members develop strategies for reaching that destination of success he so longs for. As the campaign unfolds, the Senator and his staff unfold their plan: creating and revising the intricacies of each decision, and adapting with swift versatility when necessary. Senator Obama always keeps a keen eye on his goal and on any obstacles that might be thrown in his way on the road to the oval office.

With every speech Senator Obama delivers his focus is primarily on the joint efforts which he and his supporters can undertake to achieve victory…he tells his supporters of the taxing demands of the campaign trail and of promises grand for the future; he asks his supporters to work with him. It’s quite evident that work is what sets the dreamers apart from those tangibly who achieve their goals.

Are you committing yourself to an arbitrary dream or a tangible goal? The arbitrary dreamer longs for fulfillment of their desires but their sometimes capricious whims are for naught.

Dreamers dream, and like steam their whims are flimsy, unsteady and uneasy; for to achieve or succeed you must go through the trouble of backing a rebuttal to not sit placid while your dreams go flaccid. Idealistic, and anti-rational, most lofty dreamers are usually procrastinators reacting to the circumstances at hand.

They refuse to be pragmatic and would much rather challenge fate by rolling the allegorical dice and crossing their fingers in blind anticipation, while goal setters model their goals to achieve success. The realistic view of those who set concrete goals develop a tested strategy for achieving said goals. And it is only after this process of work that they are free to revel in their sweet successes.

Senator Barack Obama is committed to win the 2008 presidential election and transform his hard work, and his determination shall lead to unlimited success.

Goals direct your life—plans tell you your next step. Work your plans and plan your goals, always remembering the words of Warren Buffet, investor, “the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Are you committed to your dream—or are you committed to your goal?


One thought on “Destination to Success

  1. Good food for thought Ms. Williams : ). It caused me to think of some of my (what I consider to be) dreams and to ask myself whether I am taking them seriously enough to treat them like what you called goals. Rather than allowing life to go on and wandering aimlessly waiting for things to happen, your writing reminded me that it is important to make concrete goals and take concrete steps. Like you did with your writing, I know is it is important to recognize the dreams/passions God has placed inside of us and then to pursue those as he leads us. I will have to examine further if I am truly taking all the steps I can at this time. Thank you for the reminder : ).

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