Living your dream

Are you living your dream?

I have wanted to be a writer all my life. As a child, I wrote scripts and songs for my friends to perform. As I grew older, I was encouraged by people around me to write more and cultivate my talent. Increasingly, I dreamed of becoming a writer.

The fall semester of my freshman year in college changed the direction of my dream. My English professor returned my first writing assignment with a huge “F” written across it. No one had ever given me such a horrible grade. No one. Not ever. I was in total shock.

First in grade school, then in high school, I was commended and received honor awards for my writing. It was my dream and I thought I was good at it. But now, staring down at that monster “F”, I was devastated. To make matters worse, at the end of the class the professor approached me and candidly told me that I had no talent, and suggested I forget about my dreams of becoming a writer immediately if I wanted to make enough money to eat in this lifetime.

Distraught, I attempted to squelch the dream, yet the longing in my heart for writing—a longing I had been suppressing for 15 years persisted.

I believe that I’d been chosen by God to write, then I must write. I finally understand my critical teacher and my fear of failure are rocks blocking my blessings, and it’s up to me to remove the rocks, and embrace my dream.

I am now FREE.  To live your dream is to be free.

Are you free?

Mind of a Goddess


11 thoughts on “Living your dream

  1. Very interesting and mind opening, no I am not living my dream as a matter of fact life has blocked me from dreaming. Now I will attempt dreaming again after reading this page, because life is too short not to dream. Mean bosses and rich people will always exist, but I will no longer allow them to deprive me of me dreams.

  2. i agree. one must always live their dream, or dreams. they shouldn’t silence the voice in their head or the need in their heart.

  3. Diane, I read this blog while I was speaking with you on the phone. The timing was perfect because I have been so afraid to write and now I have renewed courage.

    Thank you so very much. I look forward to meeting you!!!

  4. Since you believe God gave you the desire to become a writer become a writer. There are times when it is not wise to allow other peoples opinions and/or their fears to dictate the course you need to take in life. You do the foot work and leave the results to God. Continue to move forward!

  5. You know Auntie, when one is just trying to live and survive in this harsh world day-to-day we often forget our dreams. Survival becomes the dream and the youthful dream is just that youthful and no longer the pressing urgency in us. Yet still deep within it will burn, but unfortunately never sees the light of day for most us. But you can always keep praying on and trying to defeat the demons that are ahead of you to make it a reality just like you have done.


  6. I think it’s very fortunate your talent lays in the field of writing because that is one field where overcoming adversity really shows in your work- in your writing. I think it’d be very boring to read anything from someone who hasn’t been challenged, who hasn’t had the necessary displeasure of having to face obstacles in life.

    I’ll be looking forward to new posts. God bless.

  7. Diane,

    Congratulations on the completion of your book! I’m looking forward to reading it and more blog entries.

    I, too, have long dreamed about being a writer, but so far am only living that out in my blog ( Hopefully sooner than later, I will get up the courage to go to grad school and publish something on paper that people other than my friends will read! Someday…

  8. Hey, I’ve known you all these years without realizing we had such similar experiences. My tramatic “F” was at a boarding school my senior year and the teacher wrote across my essay “uncomprehensible.” I was mordified. My senior year was my first year at the private prep school, I already felt like an outsider, this just pushed me off the margins! In my family I was the black sheep, the odd one, I didn’t drink or party, My thinking was different. As a young teenager I cut the apron strings, leaving home at 16 no longer looking to “my tribe” for approval or permission. Wouldn’t you know I’d recreate my family of origin in my own family-a whole life time of trying to empower myself, celebrate my differences amoung those closest who didn’t agree. I am grateful to Al-Anon, the principles and traditions and steps that reinforce our value. By the way I have those 6 tapes by Carolyn Myss =Energy Anatomy, if you want to borrow them again. I’ll try to hook you up with my friend who also has a blog and a flicker page. Your blog is very professional, engaging, personal, timely, interesting. Keep up the good work, and much continued success in your dream fulfilment. As for me, yes, I have been living my dream for a long time. If I get off track, I get still and quiet, ask myself what am I doing, what is it that I’m not doing that I need to be doing, and what am I doing that I don’t want to be doing, get honest with myself, surrender, and ask my God to give me the eyes, ears, time, and energy to do what I am meant to do-according to my God not anyone else. And to think we were both Social workers when we meet twenty some years ago. Love you Diane, Sue

  9. You, Diane, are the ideal person to run this type of blog, because you know whereof you speak when you talk of overcoming obstacles.

    Years ago at a conference, I met a woman about 30 years old, who wished she could have attended art school but couldn’t because her mother refused to pay for it! Imagine at her age, still not taking responsibility for her own life. But that’s often the problem; our dreams are merely wishes, not dreams that we’re willing to work for.

    However, you don’t let even the most difficult challenges stop you. You work and you persist. For example, what separates you from many, who want to write, is that what you didn’t know, you were willing–no, eager–to learn. That reminds me of another person whose writing teacher thought she had no talent and should stop wasting her time trying to write. But guess what, the student persisted, learned, and worked until she became a better known writer than the teacher! The teacher is the one who told us this story about a former student whose books I’ve read.

    You are an inspiration of how we should all aspire to live. As someone said, “We should aspire to inspire before we expire.”

    I’m honored to have known you! Carry on the good work, Diane.

  10. Diane,
    From the first day I met you in our writer’s workshop, I was awed by your determination.
    You have already overcome so many obstacles that you are an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with,
    You are a great example of someone fighting the odds, and God will keep inspiring you as you inspire others.

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