Book Review of Angels in Action from Rev. Henry Hayden!

I have been honored to receive this book review from Rev. Henry Hayden:

“Believer or skeptic, you can hardly fail to be moved by these stories of answered prayers, so graciously and lovingly told by Diane Williams. Some attribute miracles to unusual coincidences, but these factual accounts of everyday human life are clearly God’s reply to a specific need or suffering. To read this book is to be shaken in your complacency and challenge you to deepen your faith and change your prayer life. To me, reading this book was a life-changing experience, for which I am grateful to Diane Williams.”

Thank you, Rev. Hayden, for your kind words!

Fast or Feast?

This past Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, a season recognized with the practice of fasting, praying and giving alms. The season lasts for forty days and forty nights, beginning Wednesday, March 5 and ending on Thursday, April 17.

During this Lent season, I am fasting from procrastination, and feasting on writing my non-fiction book The Invisible Child: A Memoir. Additionally, each day I am praying for a stranger, and for every copy of my first book, Angels in Action, that I sell during this period, I will donate ten percent of my profits to an individual or charity. These additions to my fasting and feasting are my effort to contribute to society, along with my personal goals.

I invite you to join me this Lent season in the sharing of your practice of fasting, praying and alms. Let’s encourage each other to stay on track during this season of lent. How are you fasting and feasting? Leave a comment!

Let’s Hear Your Stories of Service!

Don’t forget to share your experiences with this month’s REFLECTION IN ACTION challenge, SERVICE! Voting for the winning story will take place at the end of February, which is coming up!

In case you missed this month’s challenge, here it is:

February’s reflection is: “Go within and SERVE… therein lies your power. Be of service in the position God has appointed you. He is omniscient and omnipotent and you are His vehicle. Recognize your knowledge, recognize your skill. Discern when to use your abilities or tap into His.”

I can’t wait to hear your stories of service!

Five Keys to Access Your Assets

Do you achieve the goals that you set out to achieve? Take some personal inventory. What are your beliefs, and what are you thinking about all day? What we pay attention to is what flourishes in our lives. If what you are receiving is not what you want in your life, it is time to make a change. Become acquainted with yourself and take ownership of your life. Change your future and your circumstances. Ignite your fire within and gain access to the tools to change your life; thoughts and beliefs are what help you to achieve the manifestation of success, good health, wellbeing, joy, peace of mind, and experience miracles. Here are five keys to access your assets and manifest your desires:

  • Meditation is the key to connect the mind to the soul.
  • Visualization is the key to activate the video within your minds’ eye; view your desire in vivid images.
  • Prayer is the key to communicate; build a relationship with your Creator.
  • Intuition is the key to your inner whisper: a feeling, a hunch or an instinct.
  • Affirmation is the key that confirms that your goal is achievable.

I invite you to share how you will incorporate these five keys into your daily life to achieve your desires.